Posted: 31 December, 2015 by @SohanJudge

5 Last Minute Celebration Ideas For New Years Eve!

No plans? We got you covered!

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A little late on the New Years Eve bandwagon? Forget to make solid plans? Don’t worry, we’ve got some tips on how to have a great night!

1. Have a casual BBQ

Invite a few mates over and enjoy a good old Aussie BBQ this NYE. Kick things off while the sun is still out and when it hits midnight have the TV on to watch the fire works. All you’ll need is some ice, an esky, some meat, some drinks… and you can always get your friends to BYO and chip in. A chilled out night for all!

2. Find a vantage point outside of the city

If you want to see the fireworks in person but don’t feel like going to the city, find a vantage point. Bring some food, drinks and a picnic blanket! This way you won’t need to worry about the crowds of the city but you can still enjoy a great view. Sydneysiders can check out all the vantage points here. For other cities, a quick web search or a look on Google maps can show you the best place to be!

3. Get a last minute hotel room

If you have a little money to spare, book a last minute hotel room! A little search on shows there are still some rooms available, although they are a tad pricey. Pamper yourself!

4. Head to the local pub

Local pubs are always open on NYE and are usually less crowded than the nightclubs in the city. You can even see the fireworks on TV and play some pool with your mates!  

5. TV Show marathon of your choice

If you’d prefer a quiet one (or if you have no friends) pop on Friends or The Simpsons and watch as many episodes as you can into 2016. Grab a cheese board, some wine, and celebrate YOU!

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