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5 Things That Stop You From Being Able To Sleep At Night

Well this explains why we’re so tired today…

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We’ve heard these before – don’t use our phone in bed, don’t eat too late at night… but here are 5 more surprising things that stop you from being able to fall asleep.

Sleeping in

Generally, humans prefer routine, especially when it comes to sleep. If you tend to lie in for an extra hour on the weekends then it could totally muck up your sleep during the week. It also explains why Monday mornings are harder than usual.

Messy bedroom

Even though the mess in your bedroom may be ‘organised chaos’, and you tell yourself it’s ‘not that bad’, it could have a worse affect on your sleep than you realise. According to a study earlier this year, people with more things in their bedroom took longer to fall asleep than those who had tidy bedrooms. 

Time of the month

Ladies, this is for you. If you’re on your period, it’s likely to mess with your sleep. There’s a shift in estrogen levels which can make you feel more emotional, depressed or anxious, which can affect your sleeping pattern. As well as this, your body temperature rises by almost half a degree during that time of month – and generally, humans sleep better in cooler conditions.

Lack of exercise

One of the NHS’ top tips for beating insomnia is frequent exercise… so if you’re not working out, you might want to re-think your routine. However, intense exercise right before you go to bed probably isn’t the best idea… give yourself a couple of hours before you want to get to bed.


You might feel like a glass of wine helps you nod off, but think again. While you might fall asleep quicker, the quality of sleep will be worse. Researchers have found increased alpha wave activity after drinking alcohol, which usually happens when you’re awake but resting.

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