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For Once Australia Spearheads Movement And Opens First Ever Hangover Clinic

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If there's ever been a perfect time to proudly exclaim "'Straya" it's now. Yep, Australia has opened a clinic to help you get through that extremely dusty Sunday... Or Saturday... Or Monday. 

Everyone has their own personal way of dealing with a nasty hangover, a 2L bottle of Coke, a trip to KFC, a swim in the ocean or simply accepting death and not moving from your (or whoever's) bed. 

But, let's face it, none of those things really work. So, what can you do other than anxiously wait for the day to be over? 

Well, we're proud to announce that us Aussies have opened the first ever 'Hangover Clinic' to help make the day bearable. 

The clinic is set up in Sydney and the absolute legends running it say that they can cure your hangover within a mere 30 minutes! 

What they do is fit you with a drip which pumps a 'vitamin cocktail' into your blood stream. 

The only issue is... it's not cheap, and chances are the reason you have a hangover is because you had a big night beforehand, so you mightn't exactly be rolling in money.

For a 30 minute cure it's $140, but if you want an entire hour it's a whopping $200. 

Hopefully over time the procedure get's a little cheaper. As for now, we think we'll be sticking to a $10 meal from Maccas. 

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