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Here Are The Most Important Life Hacks Of 2015

Get onto these now!

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Life hacks are something that we all need more of in our, well, life... So, for your convenience, we've compiled the best ones of 2015 that you need to get onto now! 

Between @1000lifehacks on Twitter and the LifeProTips thread on Reddit there are some ridiculously helpful hacks for your life. We highly recommend both pages for some light reading in your spare time. 

But... to save you the effort of browsing right now, here are the best life hacks of 2015 in one spot! 

LifeProTips: If your bag gets lost when flying on most major airlines, go buy replacement clothes/shoes/sunglasses etc. and keep the receipts, you will get reimbursed by the airline. So long as the total amount is less than $500 most airline reps can approve it without going through corporate! 

LifeProTips: When going to a big event with a large group of people, if possible, try to book two rows of seats rather than just one really long row.

LifeProTips: Love to play music while working? Play a video game soundtrack. They are designed to work as background music and not disrupt your focus. 

And we'll just leave you with this one... Even though it's not winter for us... it's never a bad time for melted Nutella. 

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