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How To Fake Tan Like A Pro

Ensuring you're more bronze goddess and less oompa loompa this Summer

The thought of tanning for some of you conjures up all sorts of nightmarish memories. Streaking, blotchiness, skin that looks more like the colour of a lovely mandarin instead of bronze and delicious.

So, these tips might be super simple but they're sure to set you up for a great summer full of you looking like a glowing goddess in all of your Instagram shots.

Prep: you have to make sure you've got a clean surface to work on. The night before you're having your tan, make sure you give your skin a good scrub. You can't have any left over tan on those elbows or it will show up dark when you put more tan over the top. Also remember, no lotions on your skin before you tan or it will inhibit the development of the new tan. I usually shower around 30 mins to an hour before my application to make sure my skin is as fresh as it can be.

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Application: I always recommend getting a professional to do it. Don't stress over them seeing you in your undies... it's their job. By getting someone to do your tan who does it for a living, you're going to get more even coverage, better colour selection and it's stress-free. Mostly. Talk to your salon, make sure they know their product. If they use it because it's 'the one they get in' no deal. There are different tans that work better on different skin. Some things to consider are: Male or Female? (different products work better on females to males), do you have a red pigment in your skin? (you need to have a colour that will counter balance like this - some tans are blue, green or even violet based). Do you go olive in the sun? (does this mean you'll go too dark when outside?).  You need someone who knows their stuff. If this is your first time or you have an important event, it's worth paying those couple of extra dollars to have a knowledgeable person do it for you. Trust me.

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Care: Once you've had your tan, you've got to take care of it. Always moisturise once you have a shower - use something really hydrating on your skin, but not on your face (too shiny), just use your normal face products here. The reason for this is to make sure your tan comes off evenly and doesn't go blotchy. This is a REALLY important step. Don't be lazy.

3 reasons to use the gradual tanning milk. 1 - it will give you a natural glow when used by itself. 2 - you can maintain your Bondi Sands tan with. Whether it be the foam, lotion or mist. 3 - you can maintain your real tan with it. Ps we have a version of this in a white bottle that contains SPF15. It is a staple for the Aussie Summer. Pps @diazdilya though 🙌🏼 #bondisands


Don't get a tan the same day as your event - the tan develops for up to another 24 hours after you wash it off. You'll arrive at the event one colour and leave another colour.

A golden tan to match a golden bikini... This Bondi babe knows how to get beach ready. Photo by @neildixonphoto #bondisands #theaustraliantan

Tanning your face. I DO tan my face only because I'm a guy. I make sure I put some sorbolene cream in my beard to stop it getting caught in there and looking ginger. If you're happy to apply your makeup each day, go without the face spray. Or if you're a minimal makeup kind of girl, one light spray will be fine. WARNING. In photos, your tan can make your face look very shiny in pictures after you have it done.

Before and after shot from @helenalove_mua using #lovingtan deluxe bronzing mousse in ultra dark! Thanks so much for sharing 💕

Wrists, elbows and other dark spots. If you're in the shower washing off your tan and you notice spots where the line is very definite or blotchy patches of bronzer, give it a light scrub with a loofah to even it up.

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