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It Turns Out Lego Is A Better Investment Than Gold

But you won't ever get to play with it.

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Put down your gold bars – you should be putting your money towards something we’ve probably all played with at some stage in our lives. Lego.

Yep it turns out that Lego can be a better investment than gold and shares!


But of course there is a catch. Your childhood box of mixed Lego pieces from various sets probably isn’t worth that much. However, if you’ve managed to keep an entire set in perfect condition then you could have a potential fortune on your hands.

According to The Telegraph, Lego sets kept in pristine condition have increased in value 12 per cent each year since 2000, while gold only saw a 9.6 per cent annual increase. And savings accounts? They only grew up 2.8 per cent each year! 

The old sets are sold on websites like eBay, where they can go for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. The most popular are those based on movies like Star Wars or landmarks like the Taj Mahal.

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"The neat thing is that all sets are retired at some point, and several hundred are retired each year a movie run ends, a licence expires or the Lego company wants to refresh its range," Ed Maciorowski, founder of told The Telegraph.

"That means anyone with a set at home – large or small, it doesn't matter – could have quite an investment on their hands if it's in good condition, as this stuff appreciates very well in value."

The biggest price increase? The Café Corner, a model of a hotel which was sold in 2007. Originally sold for £89.99 ($AU184), the price has risen to a ridiculous £2,096 ($AU4286) in 2015. The most expensive Lego set today is the 2007 Star Wars Ultimate Collector's Millennium Falcon, which retailed for £342.49 ($AU700) and is now worth £2,712 ($AU5546). 

So if you want to invest in Lego, what should you do?

  • Don’t unwrap the box. Never ever open it. Keep it as it is!
  • Store your boxes carefully so that the packaging stays in perfect condition, and the parts and instructions inside don’t get damaged.
  • Purchase limited edition or seasonal sets and hang onto them. They’ll increase in value once they leave the toy store shelves.
  • Do your research on to work out when to buy and sell.

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