Posted: 14 December, 2015 by @SarahBol

12 NY Resolutions Unmotivated And Lazy People Will Actually Keep

"Hang up your clothes at least once this year."

With 2015 coming to a close it's a fantastic time to take a look at your life and make some positive changes.

Setting resolutions is an ancient tradition that dates back to Roman times - but recent studies have found only 20% of people stick to their goals for longer than a month. 

What's the secret? Psychologst and author Gretchen Ruben told Psych Central there were many ways to encourage a life-long change  - she suggested included writing down your goals, being specific about them and developing strategies to hold yourself accountable. 

But one tip really resonated with us:

"Think small" she explained. "Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that only radical change can make a difference... Look close to home for ways to improve and grow."

Keeping this advice in mind, here's a few suggestions: 

Hang up your clothes. All of them.

Once you realise how hard picking up your laundry is you’ll never look at your #floordrobe with as much resentment again. 

Roadtest at least one fad diet this year.

Commit to it long enough to throw out all the meat/gluten/sugar/grains/FODMAPs in your kitchen. Once you’ve done this you’ll realise that diets are not for you and it's all about a lifestyle change and #moderation. You'll feel justified ordering pizza with extra pepperoni.

Buy an over-priced blender.

Kale smoothies don’t taste that good – but at least when you have a Ninja-Nutri-Blaster-Bullet-thingy taking up too much space in your cupboard you can convince yourself one day you might actually have a #boxgap.

Buy a book about being a vegetarian/mindful/a good person.

You don’t have to read it. It’s the thought that counts.

Stop fighting/nagging/arguing with your significant other for no reason.

Just keep quiet and bottle it up. You’ll be amazed how fast your resentment can grow.

Stop hooking up with people who are boring/you hate on the first date.

Just stop going on dates all together and go straight to their place. This pushes the arrangement way out of the "date" zone. Plus, you get to avoid the awkward “who picks up the bill” discussion. 

Follow even more unrealistic "motivational" people on Instagram.

Because you deserve to be reminded how inadequate you are by a tanned blonde drinking a green smoothie in crow pose #blessed.

Jog around Albert Park/The Tan/The Bay Run/Bronte to Bondi/whatever running route your fit friend does. Once. 

Or just park your car and take enough photos to post to Instagram intermittently throughtout the year (no one actually likes running, it’s a myth). Wasn't that fresh air pleasant? 

Stop drinking too much and doing things you regret.

Regret is a waste of energy. Be proud that for once you didn’t spend a Saturday night on the couch alone eating cheese because you actually hate people. 

Start using an app to monitor your spending.

When you get to the end of 2016 and realize you’ve spent more than $2000 on coffee alone you’ll feel a real sense of achievement. 

Watch every series on Netflix this year.

It’s a tough challenge but you need to have faith in yourself. Go forth and binge-watch. 

Finally, commit to day-dreaming about having your sh*t together at least once this year.

How good would that be? 


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