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Road Trip Games That You Need To Help Pass The Time

Are We There Yet?

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We know that holiday road trips can get a tad boring… so we put together this list of games to help you survive!

While some of these are aimed at children, they are simple and easy and who doesn’t love good kid fun!

1. 20 Questions

"Are we there yet? Are we there yet?" Only 18 more times to go! In 20 Questions, whoever goes first thinks of anything and everything they want.  

The first question is always, "Animal, vegetable or mineral?" After that, the other passengers can ask questions to try and guess — go around the car in a circle asking for clues such as, "Does it make a noise?" or "is it green?" etc

Each question you ask must have a yes" or "no" answer.

If you get up to the 20th question without a winner, all players have one last chance before the answer is revealed!

2. Name That Tune

This can be super noisy but it’s also super fun.

You pick someone to go first and this person must sing, whistle, or hum to a tune!

The players then have to guess what they are referring to. It can be more fun if you pick a theme… Taylor Swift albums anyone?

You could also do movie or TV themes, or hits from this year. The winner from each round becomes the ‘singer’ for the next round.

The person who picks the most tunes throughout the rounds is crowned the winner.

3. I Spy

This one is a classic we should all know, but I will run you through it just in case:

One person looks around outside or inside the car, they then choose an object that the others have to guess, with their only clue being these words: "I spy with my little eye something that begins with (insert the first letter of the object's name)."

The player who guesses the object gets to go next.

4. Tunnels

Okay, this one is simple AF, when you come to a tunnel, see who can hold their breath the longest.

This obviously shouldn’t be played by the driver…  and guys, please be careful!

5. Count the...

Count the... can be anything: horses, street signs, headlights, trains, cars, trucks — you name it.

All you have to do is shout out to everyone when you see it! Sorry to anyone that is napping at that time.

6. Telephone

Someone whispers a story to another passenger in the car. That person whispers the same story, as close to a word-for-word recount as possible... to a third person, and so on.

Kind of like Chinese whispers but in a car. The last person to hear the story repeats it out loud.

7. Restaurant Race

Each player chooses a takeaway restaurant, such as KFC, Subway, Oporto, McDonalds, etc.

You earn points by spotting their chosen restaurant off the road, on a billboard, on exit markers, on signs, or by hearing it mentioned on the radio.

If you give yourself a time limit it can be a lot more fun. You then add up your points at the end!

Or, if all else fails you could always have a Spice Girls jam out session and see who knows the most lyrics.

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