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Scientifically Proven Sunburn Remedies

Always remember to Slip! Slop! Slap!

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It’s summer, it’s hot, you’re outdoors and prone to getting sunburnt. This sunny season, be prepared with these sunburn solutions. 

Unfortunately, having fun in the sun can also lead to sunburn pain and skin damage. Although you cannot reverse the damage to your skin, you can use these remedies to help reduce redness, pain and prevent further damage and infection. 


1. Aloe Vera 

Applying aloe vera is well known and popular for a reason. Its speedy cooling effect reduces pain and risk of infection. Don’t just buy any product from the store, read the ingredients first to make sure there is actual aloe vera in it and it’s not just some scented cream. 

2. Cold Water 

Take a cold shower to keep your skin moist and clean. In case you haven’t noticed already, hot showers + sunburn = hurts like a b*tch. Avoid using soap on the burnt area. Both soap and heat can dry out and irritate the skin. Cold water should always be used on any burn, whether from the sun or your pancake pan. 

3. Wear Loose Clothing 

Tight clothes against a sunburn is all sorts of ouch. Avoid it if you can. 

4. Drink Water

And plenty of it! You’ve been out in the sun for too long so you need to get hydrated! It will help speed up the recovery process and get rid of lightheadedness. 

5.  Honey or Oatmeal 

These at home remedies can’t cure the damage, but have been proven to do a lot of good. Raw honey is antibacterial and can help to repair skin faster. Oatmeal has been known to help deal with the pain, with people making homemade pastes and even soaking in an oatmeal bath.

6.  Stay Out Of The Sun! 

Now that you’ve been burnt, do not go back out there! Wear a hat, cover up and stay in the shade. If you go back into the sun before you’ve healed, it will only get worse. 

7. Don’t Get Impatient

All these remedies help with fast healing, however if your skin begins to naturally peel, let it peel at its own pace. Do not tear off chunks of your skin because it’s kind of sticking out a bit and looks fun to peel. Chill girl, let it do its thing. 



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