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Something Has Just Happened That Will Make Chuckin’ A Sickie THAT Much Easier

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Chuckin' a sickie can require much committment and many efforts... but not anymore!

Everyone knows the pain of calling in sick, because hey, you just feel like a day off, and then you get the dreaded response of, "no worries, mate. Just make sure you bring in your doctors certificate". 

Booking an appointment, getting yourself to the doctor, rubbing your forehead and shoving a tissue up your nose to look the part all requires effort and time that we simply don't have. 

Or, there's of course the other hand, where you are genuinely ill and physically can't pull yourself together to get to the doctors. 

Well, we have good news for you, Dr Sicknote a website that's been up and running for almost a week now, consults their patients through a Skype-like system and then emails them a medical cert. for 20 bucks! 

Dr. Sachin Patel, chief executive of the website, said that there are already 125 registered users. 

 “Say you wake up ill at 8 or 9am and you try and get yourself together and make yourself presentable and get an appointment with a doctor," Dr Patel said.  "Then you have to sit in a waiting room feeling dreadful and once you go home that’s a quarter of your day gone when you could’ve been resting.”

Dr Patel will give certificates to those with cold or flu symptoms, menstrual problems, nasty stomach bugs or if you need the day off to care for somebody else. He can also issue referral to specialists. 

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