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These Are The Most Awkward Christmas Sleeping Arrangements

You're definitely not all grown up.

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Are you staying with your parents this Christmas? Or maybe you’re resting your head at your in-laws place? An aunt or uncle’s house?

If you’ve travelled somewhere else for Christmas, you might find yourself caught up in some slightly unusual sleeping arrangements.

And none are better than being forced to sleep in child’s bed, complete with novelty bedcovers! Extra points if it’s your own childhood bed which your parents have maintained exactly as you left it. Or maybe you've been shoved into the attic, the kitchen or the shed.

Twitter user Rhodri Marsden has been documenting some of the best examples of awkward Christmas beds as an annual tradition, and what he has encouraged others to uncover in previous years is amazing:

Emily Reynolds on Twitter

hannahbird on Twitter

Rhodri Marsden on Twitter

Rhodri Marsden on Twitter

wrapped in plastic on Twitter

Rhodri Marsden on Twitter

▲LEX on Twitter

Rhodri Marsden on Twitter

What will 2015 bring? Only time will tell!

And if you’re lucky enough to be sleeping in your own bed this year, then you can just laugh and enjoy these hilarious beds that you won’t be sleeping in!

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