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Ten Beach Hacks You Need To Know This Summer

Take your beach experience to the next level!

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Going to the beach is a huge part of summer.

Whether you live near the coast or you’re heading there for a holiday, a large number of Australians will be visiting the sea at some point over the warmer months.

And these ten hacks will make your time in the sand even better.

1. Got sandy feet? Dusting baby powder across any parts of your body that are covered in sand will make it much easier to remove! 

You will also go crazy with this beach hack once you try it! To remove sand quickly without being abrasive all the while leaving your skin feeling super soft, sprinkle just a bit of baby powder over the sand on your skin and gently rub! It's fast, fun and strangely addictive!!!! #beachhack #sillydad #babypowderbeachhack #babyatthebeach #beachbaby #momhack #cleaning #sixmonthsold


2. Put leave in conditioner in your hair before you jump in the sea for ultimate beach waves.

this is the prettiest picture I have every seen #beachlife #beachhair #beachbody #beach #evasholidaygiveaway


3. Put your phone in a sandwich bag to keep it safe from water and sand.  

A great #beach tip is to keep your phone in a baggie. Keeps the sand and water out, but you can still use the touch screen. #themoreyouknow


4. Cut up an empty sunscreen bottle, lipbalm tube or deodorant container to hide your valuables inside.

#AntiTheft #BeachHack #RSMBW14


5. Bringing an esky? Don’t just put drinks inside – put a bottle of aloe vera inside too to help cool down sun exposed skin.

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6. Go to the beach early in the day or late in the afternoon to avoid the worst of the crowds and the hottest times of the day.

The perks of waking up early! #BeachSunrise Photo by @permagrinner805


7. Prone to sunburnt scalps? If you don’t like wearing hats make sure to rub some sunscreen into the roots of your hair. Spray on sunscreen is perfect for this.

And here I am at Tanjong Beach - Credit Suisse annual Beach Fiesta! And trying to have an Instagram looking pic of this sunblock spray I brought back from Tokyo. Hehehe. #tanjongbeach #hellokitty #sunblockspray #sunny #skinaqua #sarafit


8. Bury your thongs upside down in the sand so they won’t be burning hot when you put them on.

Verão com as legítimas! ☀️😍👣 #havaianas


9. Attach your key to a cork so it floats in the water!

Coolest solution for losing your keys in the water: pop on a cork as a keychain and they'll never sink #floatingkeys #DIY


10. Most importantly, don’t forget to reapply your sunscreen whenever you get out of the water!

Out in the sun? @built_to_live knows that it's important to always wear protection #letan #letanlife #summer


What are your best beach hacks? Let us know in the comments!


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