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Ten Realities Of Having A Christmas Birthday

Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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Having a birthday close to Christmas is definitely the absolute WORST time of year to be born.

Whether you were born on Christmas Day, mid December or that quiet period after Boxing Day, then you’ll know just how disappointing it can be to try and celebrate your birthday in December.

Were you born in December? Do you know someone who was? Then this list is for you. 


1. Combined presents.

Everyone will give you combined birthday and Christmas presents. As a kid people might make an effort to split up your gifts, but as you get older they will somehow magically combine into one.

2. Even if you get separate presents, they’ll be wrapped in Christmas paper.

What, you couldn’t scrounge up some birthday wrapping paper? So insulting. Even worse, they might be waiting for you under the Christmas tree.

3. It’s impossible to organise a birthday party.

Everyone is busy with Christmas parties, shopping for presents and end of year catch-ups. You will never be able to find a time when all of your friends are free.

4. Everything is booked out.

You actually found a date to celebrate with your friends? Well bad luck, because everything is booked out months in advance. Even the local pub is completely packed out with people celebrating Christmas!

5. Your friends are too broke to do anything, anyway.

Managed to score a booking somewhere? Everyone’s saving their money for Christmas presents and New Year’s Eve celebrations, so can’t afford to do anything big.


6. You really only get one day to celebrate.

You know those friends who have birthdays in the middle of the year who manage to celebrate for a whole week including trips away with friends? Yeah that will never happen to you. 

7. Everyone will forget about it.

The closer you are to Christmas, the more likely people are to forget your birthday is even happening. If your birthday is actually on Christmas Day? It's all over. No Facebook birthday wishes for you.

8. People will constantly tell you how bad it is.

Innocent co-worker: “Oh when’s your birthday?”
You: “December 23”
Them: “Two days before Christmas? That sucks!”
You: “Yeah, thanks, I’ll tell my mum that.”

9. As a kid you never got to have a birthday at school.

Everyone else got to have cake in the classroom, but by the time your birthday rolled around school was over for the year.

10. Having to wait a full year for any kind of present situation.

It all comes at once in one crazy present frenzy. No wonder people born in December love Easter and Valentine’s Day so much! We don’t know what it’s like to get gifts at any other time of the year!


And let’s not forget our January friends, who also get shafted! Did anyone EVER remember to attend your school holidays birthday party? 

Do you have a December birthday? Let us know if you love it or hate it in the comments or on Facebook!

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