Posted: 29 December, 2015 by Carly Heading

The Reason You Shouldn’t Upload A Photo Of Your Boarding Pass Is Terrifying


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We’re all guilty of taking the classic airport photo with our coffee and boarding pass… but before you upload it, you may want to read this.

We kinda forget that anyone can see something once it’s online… but once it’s uploaded anyone can take the photo of your boarding pass and upload it to a barcode-decoding program.

Scared? Yes, me too.

By putting it the program they can then get access to your personal details… including your phone number and maybe your address.

If the person wants to, they can then use that information to get onto your account with the airline you're flying with… in some cases this could mean your flight getting cancelled.

Even if it’s after you have flown, they can still access the information.

Some people even suggest shredding your boarding passes after you have flown…

Just be careful what you’re Instagramming people.

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