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This Exam Question FAIL Had Students Stumped

Think you could get this right?

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We’ve all come across some pretty tough questions on tests and exams over the years… but this one definitely tops them all.  

When it comes to timed assessments, multiple choice and true or false questions are often easier than written responses. The options are all laid out in front of you, and as long as you have a vague understanding of the topic you’ve got a reasonable chance of getting the question right.

Unless you’re studying film, apparently.

Because this was the ridiculous question that appeared on a sound recording test:

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How are you supposed to answer that? Who entered it into the test? Was there no proofreading involved? Is this actually a philosophy exam?  Was the teacher having an existential crisis when they came up with this?

So let us know in the comments – is a microphone true or false?

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Tags: life, classroom, test, exam

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