Posted: 21 December, 2015 by Carly Heading

This Is The Best Time Of The Day To Take A Selfie

*Clears schedule*

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If you’re someone like us who loves a good selfie… this news will be an actual game changer!

A dermatologist revealed to Cosmopolitan that there’s an exact time of day where we look our best… who knew?

Doctor, Julie Karen, says the perfect selfie time is 10am.

*writes a reminder and sticks it everywhere*

When you think about it, this makes total sense, our coffees should’ve kicked in by then and we aren’t hangry!

The real reason is because our body temperature peaks around 10am, which increases circulation and it gives our skin a healthy glow.

She also revealed the worst time to take a selfie and this advice might just change our lives…

Don’t even think about picking up your phone and pouting at 4 pm.

Apparently that’s when our skin has a slump and our eyes will be showing major fatigue. AKA nap time.

It’s also a massive NO to taking selfies early in the morning or late at night… but really why would you?

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