Posted: 30 December, 2015 by Carly Heading

This Photo Proves Why You Should Never Lie About Seeing Your Ex


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If you’re gonna hang out with your ex, it’s probably a good idea to avoid getting photographed with them…

This guy had random wild night out, and it seems things got a little bit messy and he ended up hanging out with his ex… while his girlfriend was at home.


He thought he had gotten away with it, until the club uploaded some photos to their Facebook page…

It seems the act was caught on camera and went online for the whole world to see.

The photo was among 130 other photos from the night but of course the guy panicked.

He private messaged the club on Facebook and they trolled him so hard…

They eventually took the photo down… but then replaced it with a screen shot of the texts.

Lol oops.

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Tags: Life, Trending, LOL, Fail

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