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What This Santa Does For This Little Girl Will Make You Tear Up

This is so beautiful!

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Getting a photo taken with Santa Claus is a childhood rite of passage. For many kids it’s a chance to tell Santa what they want for Christmas, and it’s a memory most of us cherish.

But when this young girl’s mum revealed she struggled with communication, Santa knew exactly what to do.

The video description explains that 3-year-old Cody is not actually deaf, but she has problems with speech and language. And Santa’s response is probably the most heartwarming thing you’ll see this Christmas.

He immediately asked her mum if she knew sign language, and then started communicating with her entirely with his hands.

Santa signing to child

Our minds are actually blown, because a very similar moment happened in the 1994 movie Miracle On 34th Street – but this is so much more magical because it’s actually REAL!

Miracle on 34th Street (1994) deaf girl scene HD

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Tags: santa, christmas, child, children, sign language

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