Posted: 4 December, 2015 by @nicholland

What will happen to Uber now that it’s illegal in Melbourne?

*confused face*

If you’re a fan of the ride-sharing app Uber, then you might want to take a seat before reading this… because yesterday (on Friday 4 December) Uber was officially outlawed in Melbourne.


Although Uber was technically illegal in the Victoria (and in fact most of Australia), no Uber drivers had ever been charged until yesterday when 13 Uber drivers were charged with ‘operating a commercial passenger vehicle without a license’ by the Taxi Service Commission.

At least one of the drivers was fined $900 without conviction.

Unfortunately for Uber users, this confirms in writing that Uber is an illegal service – but what’s going to happen next?

It is unclear exactly how Uber will respond in the first instance – but in keeping with Uber’s behavior in the past, it’s first action point will likely be to pay the fines for the 13 drivers and perhaps appeal the decision. 

Uber will also likely continue to campaign for their business to be regulated – on numerous occasions, Uber has pleaded with the government to put laws in place to allow Uber to operate lawfully. Will the government see sense and do what is right by consumers?

The good news is that Uber will likely continue to operate as is for the time being. Hooray for everything! 

Here’s hoping that Uber can sort out this mess asap.

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