Posted: 11 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

14 Incredibly Creepy Cards To Freak Out Your Valentine

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There's an old saying that romance is dead.  Judging by these cards, that might be a good thing.

If one thing is for sure from looking at these cards, your Valentine will definitely be surprised... and possibly a little weirded out.

1. Mmmm, heart

2. Just the one eye?

3. Nothing dodgy here at all...

4. Beware of the evil rabbit...

5. She's such a 'judge tease'...

6. Now where is HR?

7. Before Fifty Shades Of Grey there was this...

8. Girl power!

9. Thirsty for what exactly?

10. Village of the damned...

11. Oh, heya Big Boy *giggles*

12. Oh, the stereotyping...

13. As long as that's all your fiddling...

14. LOL

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Tags: Creepy, Weird, Valentine's Day, Valentine, Cupid, Love

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