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14 Things Women Think About During Sex

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Let's be honest, we all know our minds can drift off to random thoughts while in throws of passionate love making.

A survey was conducted amongst 500 women who were asked to note down what is on their mind during sex.


1. "Well this isn't what I expected."

2. "He wants ME to put the condom on?"


3. "I can't believe I spent all this money on lingerie, and he didn't even glance at it before ripping it off."

4. "I bet Channing Tatum would be crazy-hot in bed."


5. "Wow, he really knows what he's doing.  I wonder who taught him that!"

6. "Nope, that's not the right spot... yeah, that's not it either."

7. "Is he seriously not going to return the favour?"

8. "Wait, was that my phone?"


9. "So remind me again, what do I do down here?"

10. "No, no, no... don't finish yet.  I'm not done yet!"

11. "OK, that's definitely a move he saw in a porno."


12. *silence*

13. "This is taking too long, and I've got stuff to do."

14. "How are you asleep already?"

Tags: Sex, Health, Women

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