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30 Year Old Woman Trapped Inside The Body Of A 5 Year Old Boy

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Five year old Luke claims he is the reincarnated spirit of the 30-year-old woman.

The young boy has spooked his mother after recalling unsettling details of how his past life ended when he died jumping from a burning building.

If that's not eerie enough, Luke's mother Erika decided to do some research and found a woman named Pamela Robinson who died in 1993 when a hotel in Chicago caught fire.  She had tried to escape by jumping out a window.

Erika told Fox News that Luke used to say "when I was a girl, I had black hair" and "I used to have earings like that when I was a girl."

It was only after the boy started referring to himself as Pam that his mother started to look into what he was telling her.

"I used to be [Pam] but I died, and I went up to heaven, then I saw God and then eventually God pushed me back down, and when I woke up I was a baby and you named me Luke," Erika recalls in a conversation with her son.

Erika (above) says that her son started talking about his "past life" when he was only two.

The story was investigated by the TV show 'The Ghost Inside My Child', who put Erika in touch with Pamela Robinson's family who said that Luke's personality and music interests are very similar to their late daughter.

Family convinced son lived another life as a woman

Tags: Reincarnation, Life

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