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5 Secrets You Should Never Keep From Your Gynaecologist

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A trip to the gyno is awkward enough without the dreaded conversation that comes with it…

But there are certain things you should always be honest about: 

1. How many sexual partners you have.

If you’re not honest with your doctor, they may not undertake all necessary tests for sexually transmitted infections.

2. If you have a declining sex drive.

A sinking libido could be a sign of depression or a hormonal problem, such as thyroid disease, so you don’t want to ignore it.

3. If you’ve had an abortion.

If you’re infertile, your doctor needs to know about past abortions because a) it tells them you were once fertile and b) an infection or scar tissue from the abortion could be the cause of the problem. 

4. The father of your baby.

Giving details of your baby daddy, such as blood type and ethnicity, is essential for your doctor to determine any risk of genetic conditions, diseases etc that could harm the baby.

5. How much alcohol you consume.

The risk of breast and other cancers is higher if you drink and alcohol can interact badly with certain medications so it’s important you tell your doctor. 

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Tags: Scoopla, Life, Sex, Gynaecologist, Lies

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