Posted: 11 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

Are These The Worst Real Estate Photos You've Ever Seen?

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From a book called Terrible Estate Agent Photos, these are some of the worst you'll ever see.

Andy Donaldson stumbled across some of weirdest real estate photos while he was looking for a new flat in London back in 2013, and decided to create a hilarious blog that showcases the weird, wonderful and downright hilarious photos he found.

1. The sleeping pig

2. HINT: Look to the right

3. The sunny kitchen

4. In case of emergency...

5. The multi-purpose room

6. Dolls... EVERYWHERE!

7. The spacious toilet

8. Can't sleep, clown will eat me...

9. The peep hole

10. The (blurry) basement

11. Box and balloon

12. The welcome mat

13. Walk towards the light...

14. The tomb?

Tags: Real Estate

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