Posted: 2 February, 2015 by Carly Heading

Are You The Sassiest Sibling?

Research Shows That Younger Siblings Are The Funniest In The Family… And Most The Sassy.

Tags: Sassy, Siblings, Funny, Survey, Family

A survey has been done and believe it or not the stereotypes for younger and older siblings may be in fact true.

It’s believed that younger siblings are the funniest in the family and are always fighting for attention against their older brother or sisters…. Oh and are also more sassy… well duh! 

Cue the sassy girl emoji...

But sadly this leaves the older sibling to be more serious and responsible. well clearly… who else is going to let you in the house when you’ve forgotten your keys at 2am?

Tags: Sassy, Siblings, Funny, Survey, Family

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