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CAUGHT ON CAMERA: Couple Have Sex In Front Of Prom Dress Shop

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A pair of horny strangers were arrested after they began having sex in broad daylight in front of a store full of teenagers. 

Ironically, the 20-year-old man and the woman, 37, who had only just met, got frisky on Valentine’s Day and clearly couldn’t wait to get a room.

“They were rolling on the ground making out and getting sexual,” Christy Peterson, of Christina’s dress shop in San Diego, California, told ABC 10 News.

After about 15 minutes on top of each other pashing and rolling around full clothed, the couple decided to go all the way and the man got naked while the woman at least kept her skirt on.

“Her legs were in the air and the guy was on top. We were so shocked our mouths were just opened,” Peterson said. 

Peterson was forced to move the store’s female teenage customers and a 17-year-old trainee, who had only started that day, to the back of the store as the full-on romp took place. 

She then called the police on the couple, who reportedly didn’t know each other’s names, and the man was taken away in handcuffs, while the woman fined on the spot.

Strangers arrested for having sex in public

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