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Dear Patricia: Why EVERY Australian Needs To Talk About Your Speech

This is some seriously effed up stuff - and it's not okay.

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The  87th Academy Awards will go down not for fashion or fumbled acceptance speeches – but for the injection of political zeal into the ceremony – namely by Patricia Arquette. 


Dear Patricia,

We loved you in Boyhood and we're really thrilled you won the award for best supporting actress. But most of all - we're so grateful for your  impassioned tribute to the woman of America.

It’s time for men and women to be paid fairly, you said.

 “To every woman who gave birth, to every taxpayer and citizen of this nation, we have fought for everybody else’s equal rights. It’s time to have wage equality once and for all. And equal rights for women in the United States of America,” you said; and you couldn't have said it better. 

The audience wildly cheered for you– our heroines Meryl Streep and Jennifer Lopez took to their feet to show support for your pleas for gender equality. Around the world women joined them. 

Watch Patricia Arquette's gender equality Oscars speech


You have a point– while we can all sit back and scorn at the considerably large pay packets Hollywood actresses make – it’s actually not true.

You're right – women in Hollywood do not earn as much as men.

Hacked Sony emails revealed late last year actresses Amy Adams and Jennifer Lawrence were paid less than their male co-stars Christian Bale and Bradley Cooper for their roles in American Hustle.

Despite the fact that JLaw is a freaking OSCAR WINNING ACTRESS – she took home 7% of the film’s profits while the boys recieved a tidy 9%. 

The leaks also revealed Jen was initially penciled in to receive just 5% until her legal team pressured financiers to cut her a (moderately) fairer deal. This is 2015 and that's just effed up. 

But pay equality isn’t just a Hollywood issue. It’s not just an American issue.

It’s our issue too - and we're go glad you highlighted it. 

meryl s

5 startling facts about gender equality in Australia:

1.    Australian women do not earn the same amount as men. Simple.

Australian Bureau of Statistics shows that the average man working full-time earns 18.2% or $283.20 more per week than the average full-time working woman. It's a record high. 

For every dollar a man makes, on average, a woman will earn 82 cents. For doing the same jobs. 

Despite this - more Australian women have a university education than men. 


2.     The gap is getting bigger, not smaller.

Yep. The national gender pay gap is rising. Last year it was revealed that the average men’s salaries has increased an average of $24.90 per week – while women’s increased by only $7.09

Intentionally we’re simply not keeping up.  

We’re one of the world’s richest nations and have one of the highest quality of life but when it comes to treating men and women equally, we barely scrape into the top 25.

Sitting at number 24 last year, women in The Philippines, Rwanda, Burundi and Nicaragua are all  fairly than women in Australia.

What’s worse? We’ve dropped 9 places since 2006. Ouch.

Jessica Day, New Girl, crying Inconsolably gif


4.   Our minesterial representation of women is straight up cruddy. 

Tony Abbott  famously doubled the number of women in ministerial positions last year – taking the number to a grand total of two when he named Sussan Ley as Health Minister.

Even Afghanistan has more female representation at a ministerial level than we do. 

And don’t even get us started on Tony Abbott’s ironing comments…

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5. Women aren’t rising to the top and aren’t taking the lead.  

93 per cent of chief executive officer positions in Australian corporations are held by men. Ouch.

How can we expect to improve workplaces for women (and working mothers in particular) when we don't even have represenation in boardrooms? 


The fact is, when 51% of the population aren't paid fairly for their talents and worse of all, aren't even recognised for their potential simply due to their gender - we all lose.

Thanks for inspiring people to talk, think and most of all, be on our side. 

 xx the ladies of Australia. 

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