Posted: 23 February, 2015 by Carly Heading

Man's Elaborate Plan To Catch Cheating Wife!

Surprise party like you’ve never seen!

Tags: Husband, Wife, cheating

A man plotted a genius plan to catch out his wife after he suspected she was cheating on him!

After the normal cheating signs popped up – such as her staying late at work and constantly texting others, the man decided to take matters into his own hands.

He made the brave decision to try and catch her out, not just himself but with her whole family… only catch they had no idea they were part of the adventure.

After asking his wife what her plans were for her birthday, she insisted on him going away for the weekend, as she had to ‘work’.

The man knowing she was lying after he found bottle a of champagne and two glasses hidden in the closest.

Yes, he did go to his friends house, but he also called her mother, father, sister and several of her friends and planned the biggest surprise party maybe ever!

Candles, party streamers and cake this party would have it all.

The gang then sneaked  into the house, yelling surprise only to find his wife butt naked with her new lover safe to say looking shocked.

Cake went everywhere, people were screaming.

But there was the husband feeling nothing but happy with himself!

Tags: Husband, Wife, cheating

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