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NEW AGE PARENTING: This Mother Lets Her Kids Swear

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It's not what you would expect in your average household, but a Sydney mum has admitted she lets her kids swear at home.

For a lot of conventional parenting, letting children use colourful language would end up in a mouth full of soap - or at least it did in the 80's.

Those times have changed for mother of two Em Rusciano, who says she enjoys cursing and finds it hilarious when her kids swear at the exactly right time, and in the right way.

Her eight and thirteen year old daughters know the difference between using a swear word as an adverb and using it as an insult.

This mother does have rules for her kids though, do not direct it at another family member.

She also says she doesn't swear in front of other people's children, nor do her kids swear in front of adults.

"But I do reserve the right to allow my kids to swear in the privacy of our own home."

Basically, if the occasional F or S bomb gets dropped they move on, because to them, it's not that big of a deal.

Don't sweat the small stuff right? Or is letting your kids swear a bad example?

Tags: Em Rusciano, Swearing, Children

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