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NZ Office Sex Romp A Clever Marketing Stunt?

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Well here's an unexpected turn of events.

It's being reported that the saucy office sex that was caught on camera in New Zealand was an elaborate marketing stunt for the upcoming movie Fifty Shades Of Grey.


The theory is gaining some steam over the ditch as the fallout from the steamy act has been nothing like should be expected.

And timing is everything, with the movie to be released next week and this story grabbing worldwide headlines.

The "event" has caused debate in offices all over the world as to whether they should be sacked, given some sympathy or who was in the wrong.

It does have hints of Christian Grey seducing Anastasia Steele in the Fifty Shades Of Grey trilogy.  And the insurance company, Marsh, has gathered some incredible marketing that money simply can't buy.  We're definitely more interested in insurance after it.

Everything has all been hear-say to this point, with the wife reportedly seeing the photos in her Facebook feed and hasn't stopped crying since.  However the fiancé of the woman in the video spoke to The Edge radio station in New Zealand saying that he'd split up with her six months ago.

Another person claiming to be friends with the guy filmed in the office act says that he's not actually employed by the insurance firm, and has been involved in some small "acting projects".

The plot thickens.

New Zealand couple's office sex romp caught on camera

Tags: NZ Office, Office Sex, New Zealand, Christchurch

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