Posted: 18 February, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

Pensioner smashed into 10 cars while exiting a carpark.

Police say he panicked - watch the video now!

Tags: Driving, Video, USA

Shocking footage of a 92 year old driver taking out ten other vehicles while exciting a car park has been released.

The surveillance video was released by police, where you can see the man initially reversing into one parked vehicle, knocking into two more in the process. He continues to take our a further seven vehicles. Whoops! 

The Mayville Police department, in Wisconsin USA, who dealt with the incident, say no one was hurt in the incident and the man, who they say “panicked” has not been charged. Police will be evaluating the man’s drivers’ licence. 

The poor man! Sounds like he was having a really bad day!

Pensioner smashes into 10 cars whilst attempting to drive out of car park

Tags: Driving, Video, USA

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