Posted: 23 February, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

The New Anti-Aging Chocolate That'll Knock Decades Off Your Skin!

You read that right, chocolate that makes you hot!

Tags: Chocolate, Aging., Beauty

Forget pricy creams, organic oils or regular facials: the secret to youthful skin is in the bar of chocolate!

A Cambridge University lab has created a “Esthechoc” – which claims to improve the look and condition of skin! Handy!

It goes so far to claim to bring skin with biomarkers of 50 to 60 years right back to that of a 20 or 30 year old. Phew!

The choc uses the same anti-oxidant which makes Flamingos pink . The compound allegedly increases blood supply and improves circulation in the skin - making it look younger.

While the chocolate is yet to hit the shelves there are already obvious downsides... including the fact that you need to eat the chocolate every day for four weeks to see results.


Tags: Chocolate, Aging., Beauty

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