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The Worst Baby Names For 2015

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We've already seen the hottest baby name trends of the year, and the most popular baby names but now comes the worst and sexiest. has released a list of the worst and sexiest names of 2015 as voted by their users.

When it comes to boys, Bob tops the list followed by Ernest, Norman, Dick and Howard.

And for the girls the name that was voted as the worst is Gertrude, then Bertha, Agnes, Ethel and Mildred.

Laura Wattenberg from explains that the sexiest names come down to an affection for "romance languages, especially Italian."

Sexiest Boy Names

1. Alessandro
2. Lorenzo
3. Rhett
4. Romeo
5. Mateo
6. Dimitri
7. Dane
8. Marcelo
9. Dante
10. Rémy

Sexiest Girl Names

1. Scarlett
2. Nicolette
3. Natalia
4. Anaïs
5. Paulina
6. Alessandra
7. Chanel
8. Soraya
9. Adrianna
10. Giuliana

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