Posted: 22 February, 2015 by Web Guy Brett

This Crab Gets The Biggest Surprise Ever... And It'll Probably Scare You Too

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I have to admit something.

When I first watched this video it scared the absolute $%@# out of me - mainly because I didn't really know what I was looking at or what to expect.

It's what makes this video one of natures finest moments.

Porsche Indrisie captured this video while in Yallingup in Western Australia.

"When I started filming this I had no idea it would end up on Youtube let alone reaching across the world," she said on her YouTube channel.

"It would have been better if I kept the camera steady yes, but balancing on sharp rocks and a quick reaction to turn around and yell out to my sister, Chardae, was what happened instead."

Octopus gets crabby in Yallingup


After lots of negative comments on her channel about how it was filmed, she puts out the challenge to the armchair critics of the Internet.

"I'm just grateful I captured what I did.  Maybe you can hold the camera steady the next time an octopus jumps out of the water and attacks a crab."

Tags: Crab, Octopus

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