Posted: 9 February, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

This Guy Was Stood Up For A Date, What He Does Next Is Incredible.

I wanna date this guy so bad...

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Nerves racing, palms sweating, heart beating... waiting for a date to turn up is pretty darn scary. Especially once the thought that they might just not turn up crosses your mind.

So what do you do if a date decides not to show up? This guy has the answer.


Blaine Gibson who works as a content producer in Texas describes himself on his Twitter profile as "Part-time superhero, full-time romantic."

Recently he was waiting for a date - who was late. 

Very, very late. 

Like, so late that she didn't turn up at all.

From here he had two options. A) Go home, tail between legs. 

Or B) This:

What. A. Dude!

Whoever she was who stood him up - you missed out!  

Tags: Twitter, Dating, USA

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