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This Man Spent $200K To Make Himself Look Like Madonna

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Adam Guerra has taken his love for his favourite pop star to a whole new level.

On the UK's "This Morning" TV show, Guerra explains how he spent over US$175,000 on cosmetic surgery over 18 operations to turn himself into Madonna.

When asked "Why Madonna?", Guerra responded by saying "because Madonna is the queen."

The 31-year-old explained how he became obsessed when he was 15 and why he wants to transform himself into Madonna.

"With Madonna, I saw somebody who went from nothing to something, who was herself and didn't care what anybody said about her. She was the one everybody wanted to be," Guerra told the show.

Included in the 18 surgeries are procedures that shaped his jaw, chin and cheeks with fillers, to getting Botox treatments as well as over $100,000 worth of jewellery, accessories and costumes.

Guerra was recently featured on the TV show My Strange Addiction where he promised to stop the surgeries.

However, he revealed that he's currently saving up to get a butt implant.

It follows another guy who has spent thousands to look like Kim Kardashian and the model from the Ukraine who has transformed herself into the real-life human version of Barbie.

£100,000 To Look Like Madonna | This Morning

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