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VIDEO: Beauty Pageant Runner-Up Rips Crown Off Winner’s Head

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A Brazilian beauty pageant took an ugly turn over the weekend, with the winner’s moment ruined by a bitter contestant’s violent outburst. 

Competing in Miss Amazonas 2015, Sheislane Hayalla initially hugged winner Carol Toledo but obviously had a change of heart.

Seconds later she ripped the crown off her opponent’s head, slammed it on the stage and stormed off as the crowd applauded.

But Hayalla has defended her actions, claiming that Toledo bought the title. 

“I wanted to express my disapproval of the actions shown in preparation of Miss Amazonas 2015. I don’t regret having protested,” Hayalla wrote on her Facebook page. 

“I wanted something clean and honest.” 

Runner-Up Attacks Winner During Beauty Pageant In Brazil

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