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VIDEO: Man Slams Woman Caught Stealing Flowers From His Brother’s Grave

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A man was left fuming after he discovered an elderly lady pinching flowers from his brother’s grave… and he caught the heated exchange all on camera! 

Taking place at a UK cemetery, he claims he caught the woman red-handed and accused her of “coming prepared” because she had a bag with her.   

But it gets worse… since there is a picture on the tombstone, the man says the thief is essentially looking his brother in the eye while she steals the flowers, to which she replies, “I know, it’s wrong.”  

According to the man, this is the third time the flowers have been taken from the grave.

Police have confirmed a woman has been “arrested on suspicion of theft and has been released on bail pending further inquiries”.

WARNING: This video contains coarse language and some people may find it confronting.

No Shame: Man Catches Woman Stealing Flowers From His Brothers Grave!

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