Posted: 24 February, 2015 by Sohan Judge

Walt Disney’s Ghost Caught On Camera At Disneyland

This is by far the freakiest ghost video you’ll ever see.

Tags: Walt, Disney, ghost, caught, camera, spooky

Could this be the ghost of Walt Disney roaming around Disneyland?

Rumours have been going around for ages suggesting that the co-founder of The Walt Disney Company has his remains buried in Disneyland itself.

This spooky video surfaced with what looks like his ghost wandering around.

The figure actually walks through the gate which you can see below.



Some say it might even be the ghost of the dead bellhop who supposedly haunts the Tower of Terror…

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The Scoopla Show’s Jules Lund and Emma Freedman spoke to Paranormal expert Craig Powell to see what he thought of the video.

Craig Powell is a Paranormal Investigator. [Visit his website here]


Check out the full video as well.

Ghost hangs around Disneyland

Tags: Walt, Disney, ghost, caught, camera, spooky

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