Posted: 23 February, 2015 by Bella Frizza

What Goes Through Every Girl’s Head When She Likes A Guy

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It’s safe to say that relationships are pretty complicated… especially when you’re together but you’re not really ‘together’…

We’ve all been there.

Boy meets girl. Girl dates boy. Boy sleeps with girl. Girl falls for boy. And then a slew of mixed messages/texts/Facebook stalking and endless deciphering with your gfs begin to take place.

You arrive at Loverville. Population: You. Boy may be stuck between Loverville and Playboyville. In social media terms, nowhere near enough to change his non-existing relationship status to: In a relationship.

6 times out of 10 these 2 people make it to Loverville and their ‘seeing’ turns into a full-on relationship. It’s happened to me before with an ex, we saw each other for a few months and it just turned into something more. 4 times out of 10 though, they fizzle out and don’t go anywhere.

If only all those girls and boys who were 60% of the way ‘into’ their dating relationship would change their single status to: It’s Complicated. Can you imagine how the other would react? ‘But we’re seeing each other, it’s not complicated’. Um well it kinda is.

Name one time when you were dating someone for a while and it was on its way to a relationship (or perhaps not) when someone brought the conversation up, ‘What’s going on here’ or ‘Where is this going?’

'We're together - but we're not.' Newsflash guys, when you’re ‘seeing someone’ you are basically dating them without the label of a ‘girlfriend’ or a ‘boyfriend’. Am I right? And if you’re in this situation now and you’re screwing up your nose reading this - then what would you call it? A f**k buddy? A ‘special friend’? Coz there ain’t no relationship status for those terms.

Not that it’s about ‘relationship status’, because who really knows what’s going on between 2 people other than the 2 people involved. But if you happen to be in a relationship where 50% of that relationship wants to take things to the next level i.e. Make your relationship status: In a relationship (are you following?). Then where does that leave you?

In social media terms: It’s Complicated.

This blog originally appeared on Bella Frizza's blog and has been republished with permission.

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