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Why This Model & Athlete Is Happy To Show You Her Flaws

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Natalie Hodson is a model and an athlete. She has had 2 kids and seems to live the dream life. However she reveals that it’s not all as it seems…but she is still super happy.

It’s a web series called ‘Perfectly Imperfect’. It features high profile bloggers, athletes and models who want to show you that behind the camera and the instagram posts, that their life isn’t as perfect as you think. There are still things they struggle with and things they know they just can’t do.

This video from fitness blogger, athlete, model and mum of two Natalie Hodson, shows you that everyone, no matter who they, are all has imperfections that make them who they are. No one is perfect.

When I watched Natalie’s video below, I felt so happy about life. She is such a positive person and has some awesome tips to make sure you feel great about yourself.

Not only does she reveal that her stomach isn’t perfect, but she also says she can’t for the life of her decorate and she doesn’t hide the fact that she has struggles as a mum.


Perfectly Imperfect, The Series: Guest Blogger - Natalie Hodson

Tags: Scoopla, Natalie Hodson

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