Posted: 13 February, 2015 by Christian Hull

Woman Pins Carjacker To The Ground

The heroic scene caught on camera!

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This thief was not stealing this lady’s minivan. He tried to steal her car with her son in the back seat and her maternal instincts kicked in.

A Texas man robbed a store, stole a car and fled the scene. After a lengthy police chase he crashes the car and then tries to carjack another vehicle. The vehicle he tries to take is a minivan that belongs to Jessica Liesmann.

The whole incident is caught by the police helicopter following the chase. The man opens the door and tries to steal Mrs. Liesmann’s minivan, however she isn’t having a bar of it. Insterad of waiting for police to catch him she grabs him, with the help go her boyfriend (who was in the passenger seat) and pins him to the ground.

Liesmann was on her way to pick up her daughter and had her 13 year old son in the back.

“There’s no thinking, it’s just a reaction,” she said.

"You probably injure my son and you wreck my car, you’re gonna pay."

Watch the whole drama unfold.

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