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Worst Job Rejection Email EVER!

Woman accidentally sends ‘therapeutic rant’ to interviewee who allegedly insulted her.

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No matter who’s in the right here, it’s clear that these two strangers did NOT get on! 

A UK man has received what is probably the most upsetting job rejection ever, which described him "d***" and an "old, aesthetically challenged guy with no teeth".

48-year-old James had met Sarah earlier that day for an interview and emailed to request feedback. He had said:  "Just a quick email to say that you promised to phone me today. You did not. I rang your mobile but you did not answer. I sent a text you did not answer. When you promise something you carry it through.”

While we think James’s email sounds a bit curt, what he received back called him "one of the most irritating, rude, obnoxious and arrogant people she had ever had the misfortune to meet".
The email went on: "I only wish I'd have seen your CV beforehand, to save us both the time, as I would have probably noticed your main job role as 'professional p****'.

"You are not only the most inappropriate person for this job, but probably for any job. You will spend the next few years applying for, only to get rejected as soon as they meet you.

"Also for an old aesthetically challenged guy with no teeth, you have an unbelievable amount of confidence.

"If I had been anything other than professional, I would have said what I was actually thinking, which was this guy is an absolute ****. Get the **** out."

Sarah HAD apparently written an appropriate rejection in another email, and said that what she sent James was a “therapeutic rant” designed to calm her down.

After getting the expletive-littered note,  James said: "I'm a confident person normally but she has brought into question my face and my age.

"It's knocked my confidence. Just because I'm a man and I'm 48 doesn't mean that I can't get upset."

Sarah stresses that while it is not the view of her company, she doesn’t regret the general message of the email, and that James was ‘unbelievably rude’ to her during the interview.

James is still looking for work.

Tags: Job Rejection, Life, Rude Letter, Rude Email

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