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Young Girl’s Heartbreaking Letter To Her Dead Dad Found In Car Park

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A 10-year-old girl has been reunited with a touching letter she wrote to her dead father after dropping it in a car park. 

Summer Lloyd wrote the heart-wrenching note on the fifth anniversary of her dad’s death and had planned to attach it to a balloon and let it off into the sky.

However, she accidentally dropped in the car park of a rural UK pub and thought she had lost it forever. 

In the heartbreaking letter to her “Dear Daddy”, who died suddenly five years ago, Summer writes: 

“At night I sometimes look at the sky and I make a wish on the brightest star I see and I believe it is you.”

She also says “I can feel you in my heart and you are always in my mind” but wishes that she could have had “one last goodbye and one last hug before you took your journey to your new home in heaven.”

After the letter was discovered in the car park, the pub landlady, Nicki Holroyd, launched an online campaign to find the girl.

Summer has since been reunited with the letter and just this morning, the pub Facebook page wrote: “Thank you all for your help in finding the rightful owner of such a special letter. They are very grateful we didn’t just disregard it and are pleased to have it back.”

Summer presented Nicki with flowers to say thank you and says she now plans to keep the note and frame it.

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