Posted: 8 March, 2015 by Web Girl Sarah

10 Truly Concerning Facts About Aussie Cheaters

Not cool ladies and gentlemen.

Australia is in the top 5 countries for extra-marital affairs – according to Ashley Madison (nup, we're not gonna hyperlink that!)  – a website which helps married couples have affairs with others.


The 2015 Global Sex Survey, titled “Apps and Appetites”, looks at a number of trends in sexual behavior and technology which impact on's a few unsavory facts we learned:

1. Extramarital affairs/Infidelities are really common.

Most estimates indicate that around 60% of men and 45% of women are willing to report that an affair has occurred sometime in their marriage and it suggests that 70% of all marriages experience an affair.

2. More than a million Aussies are looking online to cheat. 

More than one million Aussies are a member of with the majority being in their 30s (37% of men, 36% of women) and 40s (34% of men, 38% of women). 

This doesn't include those looking to cheat on other dating sites and Tinder. 

3. Cheaters have pretty exciting sex. 

92% of Aussie women reportly watch porn and 94% use sex toys with their affair.

4. Apparently it's good for your marriage.

Huh? 80% of women report their affair improves their marriage while 60% of men say the same. 

5. They are generous lovers.

50% of women buy their lovers gifts (82% of which, gifted an item to be kept in the matrimonial home - over 23% of gifting women bought a homeware item!)

70% of cheating men men buy lingerie -  76% buy jewellry. 

When gift buying - 85% men and 80% women spend around $500-$1000 on their lovers gift.  Almost a quarter spend over $1000 on their affair gift.

6. They aren't too careful. 

Well over 50% film or photograph their sex-scapades with their lover and about 70% of cheaters admit to sexting every day. 

7. They live seperate lives. 

Cheaters generally have two phones and almost half have separate bank accounts.

8. Adulturers generally earn more money than their spouse. 

76% of cheaters admit they earn more than their spouse. 

9. They aren't having (much) sex at home. 

Over 17% women have no sex with spouse and over 12% men have no sex with spouse.  Around 40% of people have sex once a month with their spouse, and 30% only once every 2-3 months.

10. But they aren't having much sex with their lovers either. 

Almost 60% of men and women have sex at least twice a month with their lover/mistress.  Affair sex, well  20% report to be having atleast three sexual liasons a month.

Writers note: Please excuse me while I go have a shower - I feel horrible and dirty! 




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