Posted: 10 March, 2015 by Sohan Judge

10-Year-Old Maths Genius Passed A Uni Level Exam

Talk about a child mastermind! This is LEGIT!

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A 10-year-old girl from the UK is not your typical mathematical genius… she’s a university undergraduate mathematical genius.

That’s right. And this is legit.

Esther Okade has recently enrolled in Open University and just got 100% in her latest exam.


She said, “it’s so interesting. It has the type of maths I love. It’s real maths – theories, complex numbers, all that type of stuff. It was super easy. My mum taught me in a nice way.”

Esther has plans to complete her undergraduate in two years, and do her PhD in financial maths at the age of 13. Beyond that, she wants to own a bank by the time she’s 15 to combine her love for numbers and love for helping people.

For Esther, it started early. Apparently by the age of 4 she was doing algebra and quadratic equations. At the age of 6 she completed her A levels with a C… only to re-do it the year later and get an A.

After that, Esther wanted to move on to university (this is at the age of 7) but her parents told her to calm down since she was so young.

It obviously runs in the family too, as Esther’s younger brother Isaiah is sitting his A-levels exam this year at the age of 6.

Esther’s mother, Efe says “Some children learn very well with kinetics where the learn with their hands – when they draw, they remember things. Some children have extremely creative imaginations. Instead of trying to make children learn one way, you teach them based on their learning style.”

Tags: Esther Okade, Efe Okade, maths, child, genius, college, university

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