Posted: 15 March, 2015 by Web Guy Conor

3-Year-Old Gets Helping Hand From ‘Princess’ Prosthetic

This is too cute!

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Brooke Hayes can now do all the important things 3-year-olds need to do like paint and play with toys.

The toddler was born without fingers on her left hand due to a condition called symbrachydactyly.

But there’s nothing holding her back now thanks to e-NABLE, a charity that uses 3D printers to make prosthetics for kids.

The device is controlled by bending and straightening the wrist it’s fitted to. The fingers close around an object when Brooke bends her wrist and release when she straightens it.

Check out the ‘princess’ prosthetic:

Brooke now looks forward to learning how to ride a bike and hitting the playground when she starts school soon.

Tags: Scoopla, Life, Prosthetic Hand

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