Posted: 3 March, 2015 by Justin Hill

Are These Girls REALLY Twins?

They swear they are!

Tags: twins, life, viral, mystery, aylmer twins

This is Lucy and Maria.

Lucy has cute freckles, strawberry blonde hair and porcelain skin. Maria has luscious black curls and caramel skin.

They're twins.

The girls have a bit of a hard time convincing people they are in fact twins and have said they are disappointed they haven't ever had the ability to swap identities...but love being sisters.

Lucy and Maria's Mum Donna is part Jamaican where their Dad Vince has fair skin.

The explanation? Simply genetics at it's best.

The girls have completely different personalities too - Maria, who studies Law has always been the outgoing one (according to the girls) where Lucy is more reserved.

Tags: twins, life, viral, mystery, aylmer twins

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