Posted: 12 March, 2015 by Justin Hill

Aussie Finds $140,000 Gold Nugget After Getting Kicked Out By The Missus

But what will he spend it on?

Tags: life, viral, gold, australia

This story is a little bit hard to believe. Considering it's pay week for us and we're eating 2-minute noodles.

Aussie Mick Brown was struggling a little bit with his mood swings recently after giving up smoking...and his wife Mrs. Brown was not having a bar of it.

After an argument, she booted him out of the house to think about what a crabby bum he'd been...but to his amazement, he came across a lump of gold weighing 2.7kg. He thought it was copper, but after closer inspection he realised it was in fact gold...$141,000 worth!!

Mick says he's going to pay off his debts and buy his kids a spa bath with the money. We hope he also gets his wife something nice too...

Tags: life, viral, gold, australia

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