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Bride Launches Social Media Attack After Receiving The Wrong Invitations

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A bride-to-be has launched a social media offensive against the company she had ordered her wedding invitations from.

Natalie DeGraffenreid had ordered custom-made wedding invitations with doliy decorations from a company called Art By Ellie, however says what she received back wasn't what she ordered.

After paying a $500 deposit and signing a contract with the company, DeGraffenreid said she was told by the staff that there wasn't enough supplies at the shop to create the same style doilies for all her invitations.

"When she e-mailed me a few days later and said she didn’t have the same pattern — that she was ordering a new one — she said it was ‘different.’ I didn’t know how different," she told a local TV station in her hometown of Dallas, Texas.

The two designs arrived in the mail.  One was with swirly designs, and the other symmetrical.

"It matters to me.  I'm the bride, and I'm the one that paid for it," she said.

DeGraffenreid hasn't paid the rest of her bill, and has contacted the shop for a refund or discount but claims she hasn't seen any money.

"We are not under contract for a guaranteed specific delivery date, a specific envelope, or a specific doily pattern with your contract," an email from company owner Lauren Heymann reads.

Heymann also claims that she has offerred some kind of refund in a statement.

"I’m very sorry she is so upset about the doilies, and I have tried to think of every way possible to rectify the situation," she wrote.

A lawyer for Art By Ellie said that DeGraffenreid has been contacted regarding full payment of her bill to avoid legal action.

DeGraddenreid has not yet decided what she will do next, however warned other brides of a similar fate as hers.

"Get the envelope, the ink ... every detail of any order in whatever contract you sign. Hopefully you will not go through what I went through."

Tags: Bride, Wedding, Invite, Invitation

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